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A concrete company in Calgary, AB, Freehold Concrete Inc. is an industry authority on concrete specifications and implementation of best practices in the field.

Cracks in concrete are extremely common but often misunderstood. When an owner sees a crack in their slab or wall, especially if the concrete is relatively new, they automatically assume there is something wrong. This is not always the case. Some types of cracks are inevitable. The best that a contractor can do is to try to control the cracking. This is done by properly preparing the subgrade, assuring that the concrete is not too wet, utilizing reinforcement where needed, and by properly placing and spacing crack control joints and expansion joints. …

Being shameless and having the audacity to call yourself the best in anything always puts your audience on the defence, “alright, prove it” is usually the first feeling I get when I read that proclamation. What makes someone the best at something? What traits allow one company to eclipse others in the same business?

At Freehold Concrete we believe our unique company composition and the layers of who we are outside of work permeate through our professional dealings and provide our customers with consistent experiences that exceed their expectations. That makes us the best concrete company in Calgary.

Group photo of the team at Freehold Concrete.
Group photo of the team at Freehold Concrete.
Freehold Concrete Team

When the…

The nature of concrete construction doesn’t allow for all inclusive price lists. At Freehold Concrete, every job is estimated and accurately quoted based on characteristics unique to your request and property. It is also our preference to meet you in person and inform you of options as well as answer questions prior to creating an estimate. This allows our staff to introduce ourselves, take notes and offer solutions to you in a friendly setting. More often than not we are able to have a look at your property and contribute design ideas and options that will save you money.


Calgary’s extreme weather is unique and very hard on concrete. Older construction techniques, settling of poorly compacted earth, and low-quality workmanship on newer driveways are the leading causes of failure.

Sunken and failing concrete panels in a driveway
Sunken and failing concrete panels in a driveway

Residential concrete in Calgary that is older than circa 1990 is often void of rebar. Sometimes we find some 6"o.c. wire mesh but 50/50. The problem is concrete slabs will almost always have a crack in them during their lifecycle. When rebar is absent that crack is able to turn to full separations and failures. …

Our clients over the years have often provided engineered drawings or artistic designs for us to work from. Other times we stand in a homeowners yard and do a lot of talking and finger pointing, homeowners picturing the final product, and us calculating the steps it will take to bring a dream to life.

This project in Calgary started from these vague, cocktail napkin beginnings. A walkout basement mud pit and eight foot hill turned into a patio that any homeowner would be envious of.

21 dump trucks of earth being moved over two days

Using a laser transit we calculated the height differential of the tallest section of hill…

Freehold Concrete Inc.

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