Cost of Concrete in Calgary

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2 min readFeb 12, 2021

The nature of concrete construction doesn’t allow for all inclusive price lists. At Freehold Concrete, every job is estimated and accurately quoted based on characteristics unique to your request and property. It is also our preference to meet you in person and inform you of options as well as answer questions prior to creating an estimate. This allows our staff to introduce ourselves, take notes and offer solutions to you in a friendly setting. More often than not we are able to have a look at your property and contribute design ideas and options that will save you money.

We prefer to meet you for estimates but are also happy to provide you with our broad cost structure. Have a look at our upfront prices below, apply them to your ideas, and begin to create a budget. If you are unfamiliar with the different finishing options please visit our website.

- Cost of Brush finish concrete in Calgary $10-$13 per square foot.
- Cost of Exposed Aggregate concrete in Calgary $15-$19 per square foot.
- Cost of Stamped Concrete in Calgary $17-$23 per square foot.

These prices reflect what it costs to take your proposed area from where it is currently to fully completed. Items that can add to costs above the listed square footage rates of a project include:

Separating excavation loads into earth and other materials
- Concrete breaking & removal
- Deeper excavation (i.e. garage foundations)
- Costs associated with steps and staircases
- Colour added to project
- Line pump charges for projects with restricted access
- Hand excavation of areas not accessible by bobcat

Stamped concrete patio being finished in Calgary. Workers are in the middle of placing fresh concrete and stamping a pattern in it while it’s still wet.
Stamped patio in progress — Freehold Concrete 2017



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