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Freehold Concrete Inc.
2 min readFeb 12, 2021

Being shameless and having the audacity to call yourself the best in anything always puts your audience on the defence, “alright, prove it” is usually the first feeling I get when I read that proclamation. What makes someone the best at something? What traits allow one company to eclipse others in the same business?

At Freehold Concrete we believe our unique company composition and the layers of who we are outside of work permeate through our professional dealings and provide our customers with consistent experiences that exceed their expectations. That makes us the best concrete company in Calgary.

Group photo of the team at Freehold Concrete.
Freehold Concrete Team

When the men that are doing your project have been friends for 25 years, have watched each others children grow up, travelled the world together, been best men at each others weddings, you get a level of passion and accountability that is difficult to match. A true passion for working together allows us to operate on that higher level and that all translates to a better experience for you.

“How you do anything is how you do everything”

Away from work we are fathers, husbands, philanthropists, and community volunteers. We continually strive to increase our “soft skills” and emotional intelligence required to lead enriching lives. While others are at the pub we are flooding community skating rinks. Instead of taking the weekend off we donate time and money to the people on the streets in Calgary. The positive focus and culture we cultivate at Freehold Concrete is transferable to any business, we just happen to do residential concrete.

A broad look into the unregulated residential concrete industry in Calgary reveals many disturbing and cliche stereotypes of our blue collar world. There are some truths there too. Truths that lead to the unacceptable business practices that plague our industry. Disappearing deposits, profit-first construction practices, and poor communication and schedules are common. We are often embarrassed to be clumped together with these “companies” that are behind on taxes, don’t pay WCB, and couldn’t care less about what you think of them the moment they are paid.

We strike the perfect balance of size and experience to provide Calgarians the very best in concrete while still focusing on the personal fundamentals of good business like trust, rapport, and genuine quality products. Owner Dylan Murray can be found in the field heading up a formwork crew day in/day out ensuring that quality and service are prioritized. Our core team each have over 20 years experience in concrete and are in prime physical condition to translate that to the ground.

The men at Freehold Concrete are all positive community leaders. Those qualities extend to every corner of what we do, and that makes us the best.



Freehold Concrete Inc.

A concrete company in Calgary, AB, Freehold Concrete Inc. is an industry authority on concrete specifications and implementation of best practices in the field.